University of Kordofan

Deanship of Student’s Affairs


Cafeteria, canteens, communication centers and bookshop inside the University campus are owned and supervised by the Deanship of the Student’s Affairs who directs their revenues to answer the social and emergency situations for the students especially for poor ones.

Future projects:

1. Completion of the University Mosque which is nearing completion.
2. Lodgings for female students.
3. Investment projects whose revenues are to be directed to serve the poor students.
4. Improving student’s cafeterias.
5. Development of health services and opening centers outside University.
6. Completing and establishing stadium in the various complexes.
7. Completion of the building of students Union.
8. Complete fencing Khor Taggat University campus.
9.  Linking Deanship information network with other Deanships.