University of Kordofan

Deanship of Student’s Affairs

Administrative Hierarchy of the DSTA:

From top downwards, the DSTA is administratively consisting of:

  1. Council of Students Affairs at the apex of the hierarchy and headed by the vice-chancellor of the university. The daen of students affairs is the secratory general of the council. Its membeship encompasses deputy vice-chancellor, university principal, all deans of university faculties and institutes, directors of education, research as well as administative units of the university, some staff members of the university, representatives of the students union and members from releveant governmental and non-governmental institutions, besides key-persons and experts from North Kordofan State. The council is mandated to planning and structuring general policies of students deanship, supervising and monitoring its performance and helping to sovling students problems.
  2. Dean of students affairs: after having been nominated by the university vice-chancellor and approved by the president of the university council, the dean of students affairs is reported to the vice-chancellor and responsible for all administrative and executive affairs of students deanship as has been autherized and delegated by the university council, university senate or the council of students affairs.
  3. Administrative units: personnel and administrative, social, cultural, sports, guidance and behaviour improvement, supervision of foreign students, university identity cards, health and psychological service.